Com Port Fix – All Projects

>Click here to download: EPDM-Fix_Com_Ports Download 27/10/2017<

Note: If you urgently need to use the service terminal, the following steps can be used instead of the long instructions. This will reset your COM port count to 0, but will not prevent it incrementing when connecting to a new DCU:

  • Run ClearComPorts – MUST RUN AS ADMIN.exe (MUST run as administrator or it won’t work). This step will reset your COM port count to 0, and uninstall the USB drivers.
  • Run CDM21218_Setup to re-install the USB serial driver. This will re-install the USB driver.
  • Periodically repeat the above when the com port count becomes too high
If you have time, it is suggested to use the long instructions to permanently fix the issue. These instructions on using the software are provided in the “Instructions – please read” folder of the above download.