In 1990, Company Director K.C.Wong established EPDM. Starting from humble beginnings, this small business of two employees in North Melbourne quickly grew and matured. From here, Rolling Stock Software Pty Ltd, Electronic Product Design & Manufacture Pty Ltd, and Advanced Electronic Australia Pty Ltd were formed to meet the increasingly complex requirements of today’s electronic products. Today, our commitment to quality is higher than ever.

Brief Company History

EPDM was established in a small office / workshop in North Melbourne with 2 employees. Its activities included: Electronic component import Niche product design and manufacture
1991 – 1993
EPDM began its work with safety-related applications by successfully developing and selling smoke detectors, lift light controllers and low-noise lighting inverters.
EPDM’s commitment to high quality and reliability led them to develop and supply a comprehensive range of emergency lighting controllers
EPDM’s operations expanded to development and supply of industrial controllers to the material handling industry.
EPDM began its relationship with the railway industry by supplying “Railway-Standard” wire-looms.
EPDM railway operations expanded again by supplying the first door controller to the KCRC project in Hong Kong.
AEA was formed to service sub-contract manufacturing customers.
NOSCITA was formed to invest in non-manufacturing business.
RSS was formed to separate the software development from hardware design and manufacture.
EPDM achieved AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 quality endorsement
Today, the companies employ a total of 20 personnel, and have established core business in sub-contract assemblies, rolling stock electronics and industrial control electronics