4GT Service Terminal v1.0.261 07/04/2022

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4GT Service Terminal v1.0.261 07/04/2022

Note: No firmware changes have been made - this is just an updated service terminal.

Changelog is in zip file, but also provided below:

Version 1.0.261 – 07-04-22

Note about the S.P.B (Saloon Push Button) signal:

It was found that on the Intercar DCU, the LED marked “S.P.B” (Saloon Push Button) displays information for two different signals. The LED will be turned on if:

  • The Saloon Push Button is pressed OR
  • The DCU has been requested to close, or is already closed

We have renamed the signal in the service terminal accordingly to “S.P.B OR Close Command” to reflect this, but the labels on all Intercar DCUs just states “S.P.B” for this signal.


  • Fix automatic reconnect not working
    • This is intended to automatically re-connect to the DCU if the DCU is powered off, or if the RS232 side is unplugged and then re-connnected to the same/another DCU.
    • On certain errors like RS232 adapter missing, service terminal will still not auto-reconnect. In these cases, press the “Reconnect to DCU” when you have everything connected correctly.
    • The “Reconnect to DCU” button can still be used as a fallback if the automatic reconnect does not work.
  • Rename “Motor Relay” signal on status page, which should have been labelled “Isolate Switch”
  • Fix incorrect names on status page for Intercar DCU. Previously all DCUs had the same names for the status page signals, but now Intercar has different names for some signals:
    • “ZSS” becomes “Gangway Push Button”
    • “Open 1” becomes “ICar Open In 1”
    • “Open 2” becomes “ICar Open In 2”
    • “Close” becomes “S.P.B OR Close Command” (S.P.B = Saloon Push Button)
    • “OvercurrentTimer” becomes “ICar Open Out”
    • “Isolate Switch” becomes “Isolate Switch (Not Used)”